Philos' mission

Social challenges in the field of health, climate and nature and our society require leadership, a long-term approach and (risk) capital. Herein philanthropy plays an important role. That is what drives us at Philos: working together with families, entrepreneurs and foundations for positive social change. Converting social ideals into tangible results based on a personal and strategic approach. With many years of experience, we are your independent and committed partner in realizing social and sustainable impact.

In ancient times, the Greeks used the word Philos for that what is loved or important and for wellbeing.
Philos also stands for friend or travel companion.

Our approach

  • We have a personal approach with tailor-made advice, in line with core values and ambitions.
  • We work strategically and result-oriented, with a focus on the long term.
  • We work in close collaboration with a broad (inter)national network of specialists and social organizations.