The Philos approach

As a family or an entrepreneur, you have the desire and the ability to realize concrete and positive social change. To shape your ambitions or increase your social impact, you need advice and support.

Philos is your partner in realizing social and sustainable impact. We advise and support you through the following activities:

  • Translating your social ambitions into an effective strategy
  • Implementing strategy, programs and interim management
  • Developing a sustainable organization

The four following cases illustrate how we can be of help.

We are happy to provide you with recommendations from our customers on request.


The start of your philanthropy

“We want to convert our social involvement into tangible projects. Where and how should we start?”

From giving to effective social change

“We have been actively working on social impact for a long time. That feels right, but are we really making a difference in the longer term?”

Your own philanthropic organization

“We would like to integrate our social activities in a (family) foundation, but we need guidance in setting it up.”

Your philanthropy taken care of

“I find it important to be personally involved in our giving initiatives, but I don't manage to spend enough time on them.”