Our mission

Social challenges in the field of health, climate and nature and our society require leadership, a long-term approach and (risk) capital. Herein philanthropy plays an important role. That is what drives us as Philos: working together with families, entrepreneurs and foundations for positive social change. Converting social ideals into tangible results based on a personal and strategic approach. With many years of experience, we are your independent and committed partner in realizing social and sustainable impact.

Our approach

We have a personal approach with tailor-made advice, in line with your core values and ambitions. . We work strategically and result-oriented, with a focus on the long term.

In close collaboration with a broad (inter)national network of specialists and organizations, we advise and support families, entrepreneurs and foundations with:

  1. Starting philanthropy
  2. From giving to effective social change
  3. Sustainable philanthropic organization
  4. Philanthropy taken care of

Our collaboration partners